w i l d w e s t d e s e r t . c o m

'This film was made possible in part by a grant from Kodak, Hollywood'

Film Stock: Kodak 7289 for the twilight/ dark shots and Kodak 7245 for the daytime.
Film Format is 1:1.85

Camera: Arriflex SR3

Edited on: Steenbeck flatbed, Avid & Final Cut Pro
C r e d i t s
CAST (in order of appearance):
Rock Faces : Darlene M. Graham
Margene Bullcreek
Gary Bear
Tom (Skull Valley, Utah)
Shoshone Rider : Rod Rondeaux
Spanish Horse Thief : Renegade Rich
Vision Seeker : Gil Birmingham
Miners’ Wives : Maggie Miller
Rebecca Grace
Pine Nuts Harvester : Lusheia Lenaburg
White Gunman : Tom Walch
Cowboy : Timothy Kane
Bandits : Quincy ‘Q’ Kent
Theo Welch
Dusk Shoshones : Helder Sun
Phillip Downey
Theo Welch
Morning Prayer : Corbin Harney
Nevada Test Site Protesters : as Themselves
Lasso Guy : Jim Townsley

Director & Cinematographer : Hannah Beadman
Producer : Lara Martin
Interviewed for Voice-Over : Corbin Harney
Hair & Make-Up : Maggie Miller
Editors : Hannah Beadman
Enid Blader Baxter
Rebecca Grace
Sound Designer : Ed Niecikowski
Location Sound : Lara Martin
Catherine Hollander
Joe Merrell
Native American Casting : Rene Haynes
Horse Stunt Coordinator : Rod Rondeaux
Assistant Stunt Coordinator : Rachael Sadheart Waller
Stunt ‘B’ Camera : Alexandra Weiss
Camera Assistants : Carol Ho
Marcel Fawicki
Stephanie Martin
Patrick Scott
Grip/ Electric : Aki Martin
Dolly Grip : Kevin Lacey
Animal Wranglers : Jules Sylvester
Nick Toth
Helena Walsh
Color Timer : Rich Semmer
Web Designers : Ed Niecikowski
Ed Maw