Wild West : Synopsis

Beautifully photographed in widescreen 16mm film, Wild West is a 25 min. experimental documentary.

It tells the story of the Great Basin desert through the eyes of the land: past, present and future, celebrating the natural beauty of this awe-inspiring yet fragile area of California, Nevada and Utah.

Narration is from a series of interviews with the late Corbin Harney, Western Shoshone Spiritual Leader, water doctor and anti-nuclear activist, then aged 86.

Corbin circles back in time, remembering balance and harmony. Survival in these vast deserts was dependent then on intuition, cooperation and communication with animal, spirit, plant and elements:

"Everybody talked at that time."

As an archetypal wounded healer, his own life's tragedies and joys, intimately linked with the land, weave a delicate 'right path' through this wilderness of yesterday and today.

w i l d w e s t d e s e r t . c o m